Idaho Falls Dental Services

Cosmetic and Restorative Solutions

At Legacy Dental we are dedicated to providing our patients with the most thorough and advanced dental treatment available. In addition to preventative dentistry examinations and cleanings, Dr. Thuernagle and the team at Legacy Dental offer a wide array of cosmetic and restorative dentistry solutions. From smile makeover treatments such as porcelain veneers and teeth whitening, to smile restoration treatments such as root canals, dental crowns, implants, bridges and even dentures, our patients have the full range of dentistry treatments at their disposal.

CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction and is a sophisticated system of designing and making high quality, metal-free dental restorations in one appointment. Cerec technology allows Dr. Thuernagle to take digital impressions to construct precise restorations that look excellent, fit perfectly and last a long time! This is all done in less than a couple of hours.

Bridges Can Help Restore Your Smile

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you may notice a difference in chewing and speaking. Bridges can help restore your smile. Sometimes called a fixed partial denture, a bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth and literally “bridges” the gap where one or more teeth used to be. Bridges can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these materials and are attached to surrounding teeth for support. Unlike a removable bridge, which you can take out and clean, a fixed bridge can only be removed by a dentist.

An implant bridge attaches artificial teeth directly to the jaw or under the gum tissue. Depending on which type of bridge your dentist recommends, its success depends on the foundation. So it’s very important to keep your remaining teeth healthy and strong. Just like our Cerec One-Day crowns Dr. Thuernagle can design a custom bridge to fit your teeth and bite in just a couple of hours which saves you the hassle of several appointments weeks or months apart.

Dental implants are the modern alternative for permanent tooth replacement.  Using implants, your dentist can actually create replacement teeth which look and function just like your natural teeth.  They are an incredible solution for anyone who needs to replace one tooth, several teeth, or even all their teeth!